Medical Director, Physical Therapy Practices in Irving, TX

Before I was recommended to InfiCare, I tried in-house using an integrated software and also tried another billing company. InfiCare is on top of billing and coding changes, maximizing reimbursement strategies and is quick in getting payments. I am able to reach any of the team members at any time and they are always willing to guide me successfully.

Considering my few years of experience with InfiCare, I would happily recommend them to anyone in need of medical billing services. They help me focus on the clinical aspects of care, rather than worry about the billing aspects.
Medical Director, Physical Therapy Practices in Irving, TX

Practice Manager for Urgent Care practices in DC area

I have been using InfiCare for our several Urgent Care practices for over a decade. They are prompt in billing, code right and aggressively follow up with payers to keep aging under control. I can always count on them to do the right thing and collect on what’s rightfully due provider just like it’s their own practice. I have full access to the billing system so I can drill down and run all reports.
Practice Manager for Urgent Care practices in DC area

Manager, Chiropractic Practice in Northern VA

Few years ago when we began to consider outsourcing our billing, the process seemed daunting to me, but Sunil and his team made it easier than I could have imagined. They streamlined the process for us and provided us with excellent support and guidance at the start, and over the years they have remained easy to work with, prompt with answers, and incredibly detail-oriented.

I can’t imagine having to go back to paying for a full billing staff and then also wondering whether or not claims were being filed correctly and timely. I have none of these concerns with InfiCare because I’m able to see right away what they’re working on. It’s also very easy to get a hold of Sunil and his team, either via phone or email. I highly recommend InfiCare for your billing needs.
Manager, Chiropractic Practice in Northern VA

Sunil Kumar

Sunil is Director Operations for InfiCare Services. He leads InfiCare Client relationships and ensure best of services for our Revenue Cycle Management clients. He has over 12 years’ experience in Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management as well as over twenty years of experience in client servicing and managing outsourced operations. Sunil is based in Washington DC metro area. Sunil has a Bachelor of Science degree with major in Economics from University of Delhi, India.

Sumer Mathur

Sumer provides strategic advice to InfiCare team.He is founder of InfiCare Technologies. Sumer is a CPA and has over 25 years of experience in private and public companies in US, Europe and India. Sumer’s experience is in strategic alliances and corporate finance. Prior to founding InfiCare Technologies, Sumer was VP at HSO Global BV a provider of ERP implementation solutions in Europe, Americas and Asia. Sumer focused on consolidating operations of thirteen operating companies and raising strategic investment. From 1994 to 1999 he was the Corporate Controller and acting CFO of HealthScribe, Inc. an outsourced healthcare services company in Sterling VA. He helped grow the company from 10 to 800+ employees, which set foundation for what became 2nd largest medical transcription company in the world and was acquired by Medquist. Sumer raised financing from venture capital and strategic investors in US and Europe to finance rapid growth of HSO Global BV Netherlands and HealthScribe, Inc. Prior to moving to US in 1991, Sumer worked with TCS- Tata Consulting Services in management consulting division and with Thapars in their corporate finance office. Sumer has a Bachelors degree in Accounting, having graduated with honors from Sri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi in 1982. Additional education includes a Chartered Accountant certification in India in 1986 and CPA certification in USA in 1992.

Deepak Chhetri

Deepak manages Revenue Cycle Management services to InfiCare clients. He has over 10 years of experience in A/R related functions with well-honed expertise in billing activities, analysis, insurance claims, appeals, Quality/Process management, team management and target achievement.

Prior to joining InfiCarein 2007, Deepak worked with Inetzen services.

Deepak has a Bachelor of Arts degree from HNB University and a CCNA certification.

Tanoj Budhani

Tanoj manages billing and coding operations. He has about 10 years of experience in medical billing, coding and business management. He handles billing & coding process, production &quality, knowledge management, sets up billing rules, controlling denial rates. He trains staff and is the administrative in-charge for the company’s India office. Tanoj researches and implements specialty specific suggestions for our physician practices for correct coding and appropriate reimbursement.

Tanoj has a Bachelor of Computer Application degree and has MBA in Marketing and HR.