Insurance payers are not in business of maximizing your reimbursements. Claims often are underpaid or denied or are “not on file” even when filed electronically. Aggressive follow up with payers is painful, frustrating and time consuming. This is typically where in-house billing struggles. Payers know it. InfiCare Services will guarantee you that we will aggressively pursue claims and increase your practice revenue. We have years of experience when it comes to full service medical coding and medical billing services.

Look at your practice A/R aging. Whats sitting in 60, 90 and 120 day buckets? Our actual numbers speak for what we deliver. For practices that we bill for (data from Jan 1 to July 31, 2016, across all our practices):
Insurances collections for Rheumatology were 90.5% within 30 days and 97.6% within 60 days of the date patient was seen.
For Family practices 90.9% insurance payments were within 30 days and 98.1% within 60 days of date of patient visit.
For Physical Therapy ones 94.7% insurance collections within 30 days and 98.1% within 60 days.

Monetize your space. Are you using your office space for billing staff instead of using it to generate revenue? Get a professional company instead. Consider a diagnostic machine in that space or converting to an exam room or space for a specialist to visit – things that will add to your practice revenues.

Take a minute to ponder regarding the billing costs of your practice. In-house billing costs include salaries, employer taxes, vacations, benefits, training, sick leave and even turnover. The costs of software, computer hardware, upgrades and support along with claim forms, postage, long distance phone charges, patient statements and billing seminars should be incorporated. Support and services – InfiCare provides a plethora of support and services through excellent medical billers, coder consultants, management team, and many more.

  • Medical billing – We ensure accurate coding and timely reimbursement. We make sure to suit your practices and offer more options.
  • Helping you expand your practice – If you want to expand your practice and open new locations, we provide services to quickly and correctly credential new location and providers.
  • Industry updates– We will keep you updated with the latest updates in codes.
  • Practice insights – Our team will help you analyze reimbursements for same procedures from different insurances and provide the data to help negotiate with insurance companies for better reimbursement rates.

We will help you boost your collections with our highly skilled team and advanced system. Insurance carriers will be billed and claims scrubbed and tracked through our system. Quick and correct billing will reduce the turnaround time on your claims for Medicare to 14 days, Medi-Cal to 10 days and relative decreases for private carriers.

InfiCare Services is also knowledgeable about the key differences on billing HMOs, IPAs, PPOs and other capitated services. We have a strong working partnership with people in major insurance agencies, which we can reach to troubleshoot and speed up the processing of claims. We also bill secondary insurances from the prior insurance that has paid. If patient is responsible after insurances have paid, statements will be sent.