Physician Credentialing Services for new practices and Credentialing for existing practices.

We provide credentialing service at fixed price. Credentialing is a single most critical thing that needs done right the first time for your practice. Fixing incorrect credentialing is a long and frustrating process. Whether you are setting up a new practice, or are a practice that needs new or experienced providers credentialed, we can help.
We will do credentialing right. We have done for practices in multiple states from New England to California.
Wound Care Credentialing           Physical Therapy Credentialing
Podiatry credentialing                  Family practice credentialing
Chiropractor credentialing           Pediatric practice credentialing
Urgent Care credentialing             OB/Gyn credentialing  and many more

Services we provide include:

  • New practice credentialing
  • Adding a new Provider to your group
  • CAQH maintenance and updates
  • Provider credentialing with payers
  • Verifying State and Federal licenses

For a new provider who has never been credentialed we will provide additional assistance in completing the applications and registrations:

  • Help apply NPI and CLIA numbers if needed
  • CAQH updating
  • Contact insurance companies and complete the required paperwork to begin the credentialing process.
  • Tracking the progress of attaining provider numbers and effective dates.
  • Medicare PECOS
  • Medicaid enrollment and re-validation.

If you a hospital looking to outsource credentialing services then we can help with:

  1. Verifying ABMS CertiFACTS
  2. Verifying OIG Exclusions database
  3. Verifying past employment, references, affiliations, specialized trainings, educational credentials etc
  4. Verifying and coordinating COI.

Contact: Sunil Kumar 703.404.4403 or Call/Text 703.401.4095 or 703.371.9263