banner-auditingDid your billing operations got a check-up this year?

InfiCare can audit your billing (whether billing is done in-house or by an outside billing company) to help identify areas that need corrective action. This will be the best investent you will ever make on your practice. We are confident that our audit will recover your investment several times over. During this audit process we will be-

  • Analyzing payments by Payer
  • Auditing coding:Could you be losing money by under-coding?
  • Establishing if you are maximizing reimbursement, while remaining compliant.
  • Accuracy of coding of diagnosis & Mapping of CPT & HCPCS codes
  • Checking Frequency of claims submission.
  • Looking into rejections and claim tracking process
  • Checking accuracy of payment postings
  • Checking insurance adjustments & write offs with respect to practice guidelines
  • Reviewing denial management and appeals process
  • Checking if best practices are followed and suggesting changes.

Contact us and we will be glad to help.