InfiCare bills for several Physical Therapy practices. Over the years our staff has gained valuable information and experience that helps our providers optimize reimbursements. We work closely with Physical Therapy practice owners and therapists. We pull extensive benefits information and can get authorization from various payers.

We are aware of the IPAs  like Optum, ASHN, ATA which cover most of the major commercial insurances namely Aetna, UHC & Cigna.

Keeping your therapists informed on things like they got only 10 days to do a Clinical Submission at Optum Physical Health after Initial Evaluation helps making sure that service you provided met the guideline and does not end up being denied.

We know what exact amount is allotted for Physical Therapy Cap and how best to use. There are certain combinations of Manual Therapies & Modalities to be billed to various Insurances per day. We know and educate our physical therapy practices on exactly what those are.

We have a list of Payers who require Functional Limitation Reporting G-Codes & Modifiers for processing of the claims and we do notify Providers well in advance to include codes while completing the charts.

Talk to us. We can help with your Physical Therapy billing.