Insurance companies are not in the business of maximizing your reimbursements.
We are.

 Average practice loses thousands of dollars each year on insurance claims that don’t get paid for lack of timely and persistent follow up and appeals. While there are many different causes for claims being underpaid, delayed, reworked and eventually disallowed, our experience has shown that there is very strong ROI on intense insurance follow up and information verification right before submission of claims.

Typically when we start working with a practice, there is an existing aging that needs attention. Our team starts with high-value, older AR since these claims need action before the filing/appeal limit. Next focus would be on high dollar claims with low age, as the chances of collection are higher and then team moves to all other dates of service.

Our AR staff has deep experience in coding and billing and that make sure the claims get paid on the very first call. We create reminders in the system for the cases that need attention and follow up on those until they are paid.An aggressive approach to the Aging keeps the Aging Buckets clean.

By calling the insurance company and finding out the denial reason instead of waiting to receive the denial in the mail, we can correct the reason the claim was denied and resubmit without waiting for the denial in the mail. This shortens the turnaround time and keeps AR aging smaller.

We offer Insurance follow up as a-la-carte service as well, if you would want to get better collections ratios and free up your staff from being on phone all day with insurance companies. That service includes:

  • Reviewing aging on regular basis and daily insurance follow up on unpaid claims
  • Provide reports of results of follow up.
  • If a claim is found paid, InfiCare will gather check information and date of check cashing to help locate the EOB and update the system.
  • If additional information is needed by the insurance company, InfiCare will identify claims needing additional information or medical records needed for action.
  • E-file the claims that are “not-on-file” with insurance.
  • Provide monthly updates on AR progress.